Toile de Jouy
Hello All,
I recently bought a beautiful set of papers from Craftwork Cards called Toile de Jouy.  This particular pad is in Tapestry Blue.  I watched one of my crafting heroes (Julie Hickey) demonstrate them and I was smitten.  If you are not a paper crafter you will probably think that this is completely OTT ! I locked myself away in my craft space – actually my Front Parlour – and began creating.
The designs on the papers are just glorious particularly the one that depicts a swallow (or is it a swift?)
Toile de Jouy Tapestry Blue.3jpg
Many of my cards are created on a 6 x 6 card, as I found that I can add just the right amount of embellishments and toppers.  On this particular set I found myself wanting to highlight the tags that I bought with the set.
The main reason though for my delight in these papers and for sharing this photo with you is because it brings back strong, happy memories of my Mama.  In our family home Mama had a beautiful Welsh Dresser which was laid out with a collection of blue and white china.  My Mama spent many years collecting all the pieces and no family celebration was complete without a display on the dresser.  She would add tiny eggs and flowers for Easter and cards for birthdays.  At Christmas it would take her a day to decorate the dresser with treasured Father Christmas figurines, greenery and it was all finished off with sparkling white lights.  Its amazing to think that a piece of paper can evoke such treasured memories but they do, which is why Toile de Jouy is fast becoming my favourite Craftwork Card set to date.
I look forward to sharing some of my crafty makes with you soon.
Much love
x Elisabeth x

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