Hello All

I have decided that I am a far better crafter than a computer boffin as it has taken me far too long to transfer my blog to here but hey I’ve done it and here I am again!

I wanted to use the Craftwork Cards tags from their Chinoiserie and Antiqued collections.  They are really rather lovely and lend themselves to botanical vintage style designs.  For this particular tag you will need the items (as shown in the photo above.  Any bits and bobs will do though.  I particularly like the stamps from CWC new range Birds and Blooms kit as you can use them in layers or on their own.
Here are the tags and I have selected one that has a blank centre part.  Each design though allows you to think of other ways of designing with them.
If like me, you have a collection of washi tapes you can incorporate them into your tag design.  If you need to cut off the surplus tape, turn the tag over and cut from the back as it is far easier and gives a neater finish.
There are so many toppers in the Birds and Blooms kit that you can afford to try cutting into them.  For this tag  I used a rectangular fluted die just to cut down the size of the picture.  I then added some ink to my mat before blending it around the sides of the newly cut topper.  This was to tie in the colour to the tag.

If you want to add a ribbon or a piece of lace then I would suggest you use the red tape (extra sticky double sided tape).  Again cut from the back as you can see what you are doing and it gives you a neater finish. On another tag I even inked up the lace with momento ink which worked perfectly.
Although the flower on the original topper was very pretty, I decided to tone it down a little so I stamped the matching flower stamp in a brown tone.  Once cut out I simply added it to the tag on top of the original design.
Using the same ink as I used for the flower stamp I printed and cut out two sentimenents which read special friend.  To keep the vintage tones I stamped onto a pale printed pink bit of paper (thats why its always work keeping a box of offcuts ).
To finish the card off I used a flower hand punch with another scrap of script paper.  I curved the petals up with a ball tool and finished them off with a tiny pearl drop.
To give the tag a touch of luxury I used two tones of ribbon.  I measured them to the same length and looped them together.  The ends were poked through the hole of the tag and pulled over the top of the tag before pushing back through the loops.  Pull them gently and you have a neat knot.  I then cut the ends into a fish tail but thats up to you.
You now have a vintage chic tag which can be used as a tag or could then become a topper for a rather lovely card.
Of course I couldnt just make one so here are a few more of today’s tags makes.
Much Love
x Elisabeth x

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