Hello again. 

Following on from a wonderful day at the CWC Down South workshop, I decided to finish off the cards which then inspired me to create some more. 

The papers used are from the beautiful Hedgerow and Meadow paper pads.  You can buy them individually however they mix and match beautifully so don’t feel bad if you want both ! 

This first card is made with scraps from the Hedgerow papers and a few co-ordinating flowers.  I cannot take the credit for the design of  these cards as I was shown them by Gillian Cox ( member of the CWC DT team).  Her original card had sparkles but I used aubergine ink instead to tie in the edges. 

Another one from the Hedgerow papers but all is not as it seems. Undo the ribbon and open the card up and you will see…..

A cleverly folded card with a badger as its centrepiece. I will definitely have to make some more of these. 

The Meadow papers lend themselves beautifully to Easter.  Personally I don’t send many Easter cards and I like this one so much I will probably keep it.   The trickiest part is cutting out the front.  If I was at home I would use a Square die.  Simply knot the ribbons rather than making a bow. It’s just as effective. 

This week was my sister’s birthday so I had the perfect excuse to use the Meadow papers again to create an infinity card ( as shown to me by Jennifer Kray). 

I’ll show you more workshop creations soon 

Much love 

x Elisabeth x 

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