Hello again,

Once or twice a year, I have the pleasure of attending the fabulous card workshops that are run by Craftwork Cards.  The owner (Sue Taylor) and one of the Design Team (this time it was Gillian Cox) make the 5 hour journey down from Leeds and set up their wares and tables in a Horley school.

The moment you walk into the hall you are met by excited voices and smiling faces.  It is like entering your own crafting universe.  This time we were really lucky that Julie Hickey (our very own CWC superstar)  was leading the workshop ably assisted by Sue, Gillian and  Jennifer Kray (another CWC DT creative).  Old crafting friends were greeted with hugs and how are you’s; new crafting friends were welcomed and brought into the fold.

The time flies by so quickly and every minute is enjoyable.  The three Designers split the ladies into groups and then they show you how to make one project at a time.  It is fast paced but full instructions are given and you can always ask questions.  I save everything that I’m given to use later.  I’m usually too busy chatting and just lapping up the atmosphere of being with over fifty women who like the same things as me.  As we craft we find out about each others families and work life.  We also share crafting tips and the best places to buy our crafty stash.  Everyone is warm and welcoming and everyone ends up making at least one new friend!


The workshops are very well organised as you are given ready prepared packs with all the main components cut for you.  Julie, Gillian and Jennifer explain what to do and then show us their examples.  Their levels of patience are endless and they are always more than willing to share their experience and answer any questions, no matter how daft.  As is always the case with Craftwork Cards the quality is top notch which means that it is even easier to come away with a set of beautiful and personal cards.  Julie introduced us to new ways to cut and fold; Gillian whizzed us through a stunning set of cards plus a decorated bag to store them in and Jennifer very calmly talked us through the making of an infinity card.  Like us, each Designer has their own style and they are more than willing to share their inspiration with us.

A variety of drinks are available and a buffet lunch is usually provided.  It really is a good value for money day out.  One of the highlights for me is being able to see the DT makes which are always laid out for us to pick up and admire.  I take plenty of photos of these creations as its always handy for ideas at a later date.  We also have our very own shopping experience as papers and embellishments from the latest collections are available to buy.  It’s like being a kid in a sweet shop!

All in all the Craftwork Cards – Down South workshops are worth every penny as not only do you meet the inspirational people behind Craftwork Cards, you are able to spend time with friendly like-minded people and create in a warm, uplifting atmosphere.  Nobody goes away empty handed as you keep everything you make plus the Designers are always happy to sign cards and take photos with you.  Then you have the cards to finish off in your own time and possible add some of your newly acquired crafting stash!

Craftwork Cards have announced new workshop dates this week so book while you can as it is really worth attending.  However SAVE ME A PLACE !

Much love

x Elisabeth x

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