Hello again 

I’m rather partial to working with tags especially kraftcard ones. I spotted a great scrapbook tag kit from my favourite crafting company but was unable to justify buying the kit at this moment in time. 

Instead I created my own mini version by using tags from my own stash and the concertina trick of joining them together.  For this little project you will need at least 4 tags, some stamps of your choice, some scrap paper, sentiments, ribbons and glue. You may also find a hole maker/punch and a scoring board useful too. 

I used the wonderful Craftwork Cards stamps – these  ones are from the Meadow and Hedgerow sets. I used Memento black ink but that is entirely up to you. 

I used the stamps to decorate the front of each tag. 

The front cover is stamped in the same way 

But bear in mind that the back cover should be reversed . 

Next you need to create the concertina flap that enables you to turn the tags into a mini book. 

Cut a piece of paper the height of the tag – in this case it was 8cm high. If you have a score board score at 1.5cm increments. You need one fold per page plus one for the front and one for the back. 

So for a 5 tag book you need 5 folds. 

Take your front tag and stick it to the flat side of the first fold. Use the decorated side for inside the book. Bring the second fold over the first tag and lay flat. Then stick the second tag onto the flat side again.  Keep going with all the tags. 

When you have stuck all the tags to the concertina folds. Use a second piece of paper to create a cover for the spine. It should cover the edge of the white paper. Give yourself a little wiggle room by creasing as you go and then stick to the back of your book in exactly the same way. 

You can leave it as above or you can add ribbon through the spine by punching holes through each tag. 

Tie a ribbon through the spine and decorate each tag with alternate ribbons of your choice. 

If like me you find yourself enjoying the whole process you could end up with three unique tag books by the end of the afternoon! 

Much love 

x Elisabeth x 

14 thoughts on “A girl can never have too many tags ….

  1. Hi there Elizabeth, I love making tags too. I also hadn’t used that particular concertina style to join them together, so thank you for sharing your method. I look forward to sharing some creative posts with you.

    Liked by 1 person

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