Hello All,

Firstly may I wish you all a very happy Easter whether you are spending it with friends and family or on your own (scoffing chocolate).

Happy Easter 2017

I have been trying to update my blog (with a little begrudging support from Daughter 2) and it struck me just how far I have come on this crafting journey.  The techie side still leaves a little to be desired but the card making skills are really improving.  I thought you would like to see some of my recent Springtime makes:


When I started my Facebook page I named it Made with Love by Lillibet because all my crafting friends knew me as Lillibet and everything I created I made with love.  I still do but now it is easier for my new friends from all over the world to find me by my grown up name – Elisabeth (note it is spelt with an s and not a z).  I design as I create each handmade card so Elisabeth Hogarth Designs was re-born.

This academic year will be an exciting one for me as my youngest child will be heading off to University.  For the first time in 21 years I will be doing my own thing which is exciting but it also means I need to make plans.  Easter is a time for reflection and it is a time of hope and for giving thanks – whether you are religious or not.  Great things lay ahead I am sure.

Much love x Elisabeth x

i am a crafty girl

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