Hello again 
I’ve had lots of questions about how I achieve the inky cards (as inspired by Julie Hickey) so  I have written step by step instructions on the Facebook Craftwork Cards Fan Page.  The ladies are following the challenge this week and I’m hoping to see some jaw dropping creations by the end of it. 

If you are not a member or simply cannot wait to see the full effect then here are the steps in a little more detail: 

First things first. You will need some white printing cardstock or stamping cardstock 

Distress inks are also required.  Here are three of the colour combos that I’ve used so far. Working from left to right. I find that if you use two shades of one colour and then a bolder or opposing colour you will achieve some good results. 

Inks combination 1 will give you something like this 

Ink combination 2 

Ink combination 3 

The last items you need for this stage are a heat tool, kitchen roll and a spritzer bottle of water 

In her video Julie showed a freezer bag that can be used for the inking mat. I’ve also tried a glass mat and a blending mat. Just try them out and see what works for you 

Now we are ready to ink. 

Using your preferred mat and your Distress inks squidge them randomly over the surface. 

Spritz with water. Taking a sheet of card skim the surface of your inks. To begin with don’t lay the whole paper on the ink and flatten as you may make it too soggy. After practise this option is good but you need to understand how your paper absorbs the water and ink first. You will be left with something like this. 

Dry the paper well with a heat tool ( or leave to dry naturally) 

Now go for it again. Lift the colour where you want to blend or a different effect.  Remember to skim and lift rather than flatten 

For me this second time was a little too green so I went for it again and layed the paper with the green on the yellow ink. The more layers the more interest. Just stop when you like what you see. Remember to leave some white and dry your paper in between. 

There is still plenty of ink on your mat at this point so take a fresh sheet of paper and see what you get. 

Personally I like the lighter shades for the tags. While I use the darker sheets for the embellishments but that’s entirely up to you. 

I tend to leave my paper overnight as I like to see the patterns with a fresh pair of eyes but they should be ready to use straight away. 

Next cut out your tags. I use a scalpel and the card back of a finished tag pad.  I also look at where I’m cutting as that forms part of the design. Any paper that is left over can be used to die cut or hand punch shapes. 

Use the darker sheet and your leftover paper to cut out the flowers, hearts, mini tags of your choice 

I used 1 sheet of A4 in total for the tags and embellishments 

And look how much I got 

Take the tag and gently ink the edges with black ink 

Before using a black fine line pen to draw a border.  Lines and a dot work better than a solid black line 

My two tags are ready 

I am a fan of washi tape so I use it to create a panel across my card. Strips of paper or ribbon would be equally as good 

Next is the stamping. I have used various CWC stamps on these tags but these particular ones feature the Julie Loves sets which are available on subscription every month. 

Then I prepare the flowers by carefully curling the petals and layering them up 

Lastly I compose my card and add a few pearl drops here and there 

So here is card number 1 

And here is card number 2 

I’ll show you the cards I make with the other colour combinations another time. 

Much love x Elisabeth x 

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