“Over the Hedge” launch.

Hello again

I have been lucky enough to make a few samples for the launch of “Over the Hedge” designed by the talented Melissa Lowry in collaboration with Craft Consortium Ltd.


The colour palette of these papers is gloriously autumnal and you will just fall in love with the characters OLIVIA the Owl, HARRY the Hedgehog and HENRY the Fox.

Today I will focus on the stamps and how I coloured them in. I’m not an experienced colourist but these stamps have such a clear, open image that it is hard not to want to colour them.

First up is OLIVIA the Owl. I based my colours upon those used in the papers. Melissa uses vibrant warm colours. I picked 3 shades of brown and taupe for the feathers; grey for her chest; and greens for the leaves. It was just a matter of losing myself in the process.

I stamped the leaves in a circle and then layered up extra ones between the gaps. In hindsight I wish I had coloured in Olivia’s beak but overall I still love this sweet little card.


Henry is such a handsome little devil. Once again I used shades of browns. I tend to colour light to dark but you will find far more experienced colourists than me on the dedicated Craft Consortium Design Team.


Harry is such a fun little character. I placed him as if tumbling in the autumn leaves. The flora in these stamps are just so well drawn. They are a joy to work with.


These cards will be aired on Create and Craft when they launch “Over the Hedge” but you can buy the collection directly from Craft Consortium and their stockists.


If you want further inspiration then check out the Craft Consortium Facebook Group or Instagram



Much love x Elisabeth x

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