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The Hobby House are well known for their stunning floral artwork and high quality embellishments. The collection on offer at Create and Craft today – includes everything you need to make beautiful cards and boxes straightaway. If you are a member the price of £17.99 is a steal !

Hobby House Wild Rose Collection with FREE Summer Mist Gift Box Set and Pink Embellishment Set. https://tidd.ly/3yKsByl

You Brighten My Day

This is a classic Hobby House card. Simply take a floral mat and match it with a topper.

The die and the sentiment are my own which just goes to show how easily you can intersperse Hobby House papers with your current stash.

Summer Mist

Not only can you create quick and pretty cards with the Wild Rose papers and toppers – you can create co-ordinating gift boxes with the FREE Summer Mist Gift Box set. These useful boxes come in two styles and four colours ( pale/medium green and pale/medium pink)

Love and Best Wishes

Everything co-ordinates in this collection. For this card I simply matted and layered the paper and a postcard. The matched a topper and a sentiment. These kits are suitable for all abilities.

Get well

This card was made with one single 6×6 card mat. I simply cut an oval into the centre and added a trellis frame die cut. If you look carefully at the matching box – you will see that I embossed the sides. There are enough boxes that you can cut into them and emboss the panels before adding them to the original box.


My last set includes a Pinwheel card which seem to be very popular at the moment. All you need are four of the postcards to add to the sides. I must also mention the classic black and white sentiment strips included in this collection which really finish the cards and boxes off. They are not your everyday sentiments either.

WIld Rose is a beautiful collection to craft with. Enjoy the Create and Craft shows today at 9.45am and 2.45pm. Remember to share your own makes with the team at The Hobby House on their Facebook page “We love the Hobby House!”


Love Elisabeth xx

Hobby House Wild Rose Collection with FREE Summer Mist Gift Box Set and Pink Embellishment Set. https://tidd.ly/3yKsByl

Hobby House – Warm Wishes Selection Box

Hello again,

I began my design team journey with the Hobby House Autumn Blessings collection so it was like “coming home” to be asked by HH HQ to make some samples for the shows on Friday 16th July at 12.45pm and 3.45pm on Create and Craft TV

The “Warm Wishes” Selection Box incorporates previous classics such as Autumn Blessings, Deck the Halls and WInter Rose. The mix of mini boxes, toppers, card stock and embellishments make it a wonderful kit for new crafters. In addition, it is a great way for fans of the Hobby House to top up their stash.

I have used the contents of the Warm Wishes Selection Box which will cost less than £20 at showtime. The details for this box will not show on the Create and Craft website until nearer the time.

WARM WISHES SELECTION BOX – https://tidd.ly/3xXxpAp

To view the contents of the show –


Also available –

DECK THE HALLS – https://tidd.ly/3kdySy9

WINTER ROSE – https://tidd.ly/3B1aQMM



My blog today will focus on basic instructions/dimensions for a few of the projects I made (which fingers crossed you will see on Friday). The main box idea is the same for all of the holders. It is based upon the simple boxes I made with the children: during my time as a teaching assistant. I build the box around the number of boxes that I want to use.

Festive Hugs Carrier.

The holder in this set holds two milk cartons.

To create one half of the box – cut 5 1/2″x 5 1/2″ square from white card stock. Score each border edge at 1 1/2″. Fold and burnish. Then cut into the vertical top and bottom fold line up to the point where the two score lines meet. Fold in each of the flaps and secure to make the basic box base.

Create a back panel measuring 2 1/2″ x 7″. Die cut a central aperture if required. Adhere the panel squarely to the box base.

Repeat for second box. Then stick the panels back to back.

Also included in this photo is a shopping list pad. Take a simple lined pad (available in packs from the £1 stores). Die cut a DL panel from the card stock and stick to the front cover of the pad. I added a strong magnet to the back too.

The cracker is made from two of the small boxes joined together and held securely with the middle wrap band.

Joy Carrier

The holder in this set holds three loop handle boxes.

To create the box. Use the same technique as above. Cut the card stock to

10 1/2″ x 4 3/4″. Score each border edge at 1 1/4″.

The handle requires 2 pieces of 1 1/2″ x length of A4 card. Stick together and make the handle fit the length of the box and the height you require.

Magic is in the Air Carrier

The holder in this set holds four milk carton boxes.

To create the box use the same technique as above. Cut the card stock to

7″ x 4″. Score each border edge to 1 1/4″. Repeat for second base box.

Cut middle panel to 7″ x 4 1/4″. Adhere both panels along the shorter edge of the base boxes.

Merry and Bright.

If you want to create an aperture – remember to die cut the shape from the third panel before creating the mini box. A small piece of acetate will make the holder sturdier.

Snowflake kisses.

To make a gingerbread house take one of each style of box. Use the milk carton box to create the roof of the house by cutting off one side panel. Keep the tab in place though. Create a triangular prism. Then mark off the excess part of the end flaps to create three triangles which can then be stuck together. Take the second box design and carefully cut away all the handle tabs to create rectangles. This can then be stuck down as per the opposite end of the box. Stick the triangular prism to the rectangular prism, ready to decorate.

The tower box is made by sticking the handle flaps inside the base of the top box and securing from the inside.

Trick or Treat

This easel box is great for November treats. Make a base box as above using 1 6″x6″ square with a 1″ border.

To create the sleeve for the box. Cut an A4 piece of card to 4″ x the length. Score at 1″, 5″,6″,10″,11″. Crease, fold and adhere the last fold line to create a sleeve. The box will slide inside the sleeve.

Simply create a 4’x4: easel card and stick the base of the card to the top of the box sleeve.

Winter Wishes

This easel/ pocket card holds four 4″x4″ cards which are the perfect size for the square toppers.

Please note these measurements are in metric because the markings were easier to locate.

Take a piece of A4 card stock and cut to 15cm x length.

Score the border at 2cm.

Score at 11cm and 13cm. Mark at 24cm but don’t score. With the 24cm mark at the top of the card. Cut away the left and right side panels from the top to the 24cm mark. Cut in at the 13cm and 11cm fold lines and fold the tab inwards.

Turn the template over and add glue to the two sets of side taps. Bring together to form the pocket.

Cut an easel card to 15cm x 14cm and adhere the panel of the pocket to the front of the easel card. If required use a circle punch to cut away a finger hole on the front of the pocket. Decorate as desired.

Robin Redbreast.

Save your takeaway boxes because they make perfect boxes for your projects.

To make the Bay wIndow card. Cut two pieces of card stock to 8 1/4″ x 4 1/4″

Score the top piece at 1/2″, 2″, 6 1/4″ and 7 3/4″. Fold as a valley, mountain, mountain,valley. Add a raised panel to the inside of the card then secure the front of the card by the first 1’2″ strip and hold in place with the last 1/2″ strip.

As you can see there are many different things that can be created with the contents of this Warm Wishes Selection box. The projects above will make great festive gifts which will be very cost effective too.

Enjoy the shows and please let me know in the comments below how you get on the project ideas I have created and shared. Please remember to acknowledge my ideas if sharing your own makes on social media. Thank you.

Happy crafting

Love Elisabeth xx

WARM WISHES SELECTION BOX – https://tidd.ly/3xXxpAp

To view the contents of the show –


Also available –

DECK THE HALLS – https://tidd.ly/3kdySy9

WINTER ROSE – https://tidd.ly/3B1aQMM



Mulberry Blooms from The Hobby House

Hello again.

The Hobby House are launching their first ever set of cutting dies this weekend on Create and Craft. The Cherry Blossom dies, handmade Thai Mulberry Paper and Stamens will allow you to make blossoms that replicate the very popular Hobby House flowers. This means that you can make flowers to match your projects whenever you like. In addition you can adapt the flowers to create other flowers that resemble primulas and hellebores – to name just two.

Here are just a few of the cards you can be making incorporating your handmade Mulberry Blooms. I have created these cards with the rich pearlescent papers and polka dot papers which will also be available on Sunday’s shows. Thank you to my crafting friend Moira Yakova who sent me a stunning Easel Hat card which so inspired me to make the Easter bonnet.

Pearl and Polka Dot Festival set – https://tidd.ly/3fmk7GO

Because this is something a little different for The Hobby House I have made a video to show how to put the Cherry Blossoms together along with a few inking techniques to colour the handmade Thai Mulberry paper. You can also see more of my card samples where I have coloured and handmade every single flower.

Complete Collection of Thai Handmade Mulberry Papers, Cherry Blossom dies and stamens https://tidd.ly/3lRUVtc

If you love the traditional Mulberry Cherry Blossoms from The Hobby House – you are going to love this collection because now you can make your own whenever you like. My top tip would be to stock up on the Mulberry paper because the flower making becomes a little bit addictive.

Until next time

Elisabeth xx

Complete set of Thai Handmade Mulberry Papers, Cherry Blossom dies and stamens – https://tidd.ly/3lRUVtc

Hobby House Cherry Blossom Cutting dies – https://tidd.ly/3d7JmtU

Hobby House Handmade Thai Mulberry Paper – https://tidd.ly/3m57i5m

Hobby House Thai Stamens – https://tidd.ly/3lTV0N2

Pearl and Polka Dot Festival Set – https://tidd.ly/3fmk7GO


Hello again,

It has been sometime since I was asked to make some samples for the team at The Hobby House. I was delighted when they asked me to work on their Spring Selection Box which launches on Create and Craft TV on Sunday 7th March 2021. This box set is really useful for Easter projects.

This is a really good value box. Over the weekend I managed to make over 30 projects as samples for the shows. These are a few of my favourite cards.

I also adapted the numerous boxes included in the box to make a few different gifts. In the time since I worked with The Hobby House my die cutting collection has grown and I enjoyed trying out some of my more up to date dies and stamps with these papers and embellishments.

To see the entire selection box (contents may vary) and the many samples I put together – take a look at my YouTube video

Until next time

Elisabeth xx

The Hobby House Spring Collection pages – https://tidd.ly/3kLKbvX

To contact The Hobby House team – http://www.thehobbyhouse.co.uk/

To follow The Hobby House on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TheHobbyHouse

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Magnolia Blossoms

Hello again.

The collections are coming out thick and fast this week.  Luckily for me, I had the chance of playing with the latest papers from The Hobby House.  Magnolia Blossoms is gorgeous.

The illustrations are beautiful but what really makes this paper collection stand out is the combination of pale pink with rich navy blue.

The Hobby House papers (really its card stock) is second to none.  They are perfect for constructing cards. die cutting and embossing.

Furthermore the toppers can be used in their own right.  The only additions to them are a few sentiments and of course the wonderful pearl strings and ribbons.

Until next time

Much love x Elisabeth x

HOBBY HOUSE – SPRING BLOOMS – the perfect collection for the start of Spring.


Hello again.

I love it when The Hobby House ask me to create some samples for their shows on Create and Craft.  I literally squealed with delight when I opened up the card stock, toppers, ribbons and paper flowers because this collection is absolutely beautiful.

The toppers depict spring time scenes like this blue tit on its nest.  All you need to do is layer it up with the coordinating card stock.  I embossed a rectangular strip to add a little more interest.



For my second card, I used yellow card-stock with a Paper Boutique cutting die.  I backed the topper with an everyday doily.  I used matching papers to create a small bouquet of flowers for the bottom right hand corner.  Even the ribbon matches perfectly.


These papers are just perfect for Mothers Day cards.  I mean – you cannot go wrong with a sheet of blue polka dots and a pretty bouquet of flowers.


Within the kit, there is a sheet of small rectangular drawings.  They make brilliant individual toppers.  I cut them down and arranged them in a tile pattern to create this last card.


I enjoyed working with this kit so much, I had to buy another set to make my own Easter and Mothers Day cards.  Until next time.

Much love x Elisabeth x


This kit is available directly from The Hobby House