Mandala – Summer Showstopper – Tuxedo card

Hello again.  

This is a copy of my recent post on the Lisa Horton Craft Blog.

Summer Showstopper

To make a Mandala Tuxedo Card

You will need:
Lisa Horton Crafts – Choose Happy Mandala Stamp set

Lisa Horton Crafts – pearl embellishments

Lisa Horton Crafts – Natural Sisal

1 sheet of White cardstock – approx 160gsm

2 sheets of colour cardstock – I used two shades of yellow

Black waterproof ink – I used Versafine Clair (Nocturne)

Red liner tape.Wet glue.Sticky pads

How to create this Summer Showstopper Tuxedo card:

1.  Use the template below to create the tuxedo base card.  If you need detailed instructions then take a look at my blog post from last year ,

2.  Stamp out nine medium sized mandalas and nine smaller sized mandalas.  In this version I matched a bold yellow, medium sized mandala with a light yellow, small sized mandala – and vice versa.  Stamp out your chosen sentiments too.

3.  Once cut out, adhere a small sticky pad to the centre of every medium sized mandala and layer  the smaller mandala on top.

4.  Embellish each mandala flower with a pearl from Lisa Horton Crafts ever expanding range of colours.  I used a subtle silver pearl to the centre of my mandala flowers.

 5.  Cut several wafer thin strips of card (from the waste of your tuxedo template) and begin sticking the mandala flowers to one end.  You want the flower to feel sturdy so place the strip centrally behind the flower.

6.  Cut 3 strips of white card 1 cm in width and 9cm in length.  Score each strip at 1cm and 8cm along the length.  Fold one end back and the other forward.  These three strips will act as the struts within your tuxedo card.  Glue the tabs to the inside of your box as shown below.

7.  Normally I would decorate the outside of the Tuxedo card before making it into a box and adding the struts.  However, I did not know how I wanted the card to look until I saw the flowers in situ.  Using the spare paper from the stamped images.  Cut the panels for your card as shown.  Then decorate the front panels with the smaller mandala stamp.  The back panels are kept plain – so that a message can be written.  Glue all six panels to the outside of your Tuxedo box.

8.  Attach the flowers from the front strut, building up the height as you go.  I also added Sisal in between the rows to help the struts stay in place.  The Sisal has the added bonus of finishing off the card with a hint of wispiness.  Finally add your chosen sentiments.  
Your Summer Showstopper of a card will lie flat for posting and will pop back up again when the recipient takes it out of the envelope.

I do hope you will enjoy making your own Summer Showstopper card.  Please do share your makes on the Facebook Group Page – Crafting with Lisa Horton.
You can also find further inspiration for the whole range of Mandala products on the dedicated Pinterest board
As always, if you have any questions then please comment below and I will be more than happy to help you.
Keep crafting – stay safe and keep well  xx