Hobby House – Warm Wishes Selection Box

Hello again,

I began my design team journey with the Hobby House Autumn Blessings collection so it was like “coming home” to be asked by HH HQ to make some samples for the shows on Friday 16th July at 12.45pm and 3.45pm on Create and Craft TV

The “Warm Wishes” Selection Box incorporates previous classics such as Autumn Blessings, Deck the Halls and WInter Rose. The mix of mini boxes, toppers, card stock and embellishments make it a wonderful kit for new crafters. In addition, it is a great way for fans of the Hobby House to top up their stash.

I have used the contents of the Warm Wishes Selection Box which will cost less than £20 at showtime. The details for this box will not show on the Create and Craft website until nearer the time.

WARM WISHES SELECTION BOX – https://tidd.ly/3xXxpAp

To view the contents of the show –


Also available –

DECK THE HALLS – https://tidd.ly/3kdySy9

WINTER ROSE – https://tidd.ly/3B1aQMM



My blog today will focus on basic instructions/dimensions for a few of the projects I made (which fingers crossed you will see on Friday). The main box idea is the same for all of the holders. It is based upon the simple boxes I made with the children: during my time as a teaching assistant. I build the box around the number of boxes that I want to use.

Festive Hugs Carrier.

The holder in this set holds two milk cartons.

To create one half of the box – cut 5 1/2″x 5 1/2″ square from white card stock. Score each border edge at 1 1/2″. Fold and burnish. Then cut into the vertical top and bottom fold line up to the point where the two score lines meet. Fold in each of the flaps and secure to make the basic box base.

Create a back panel measuring 2 1/2″ x 7″. Die cut a central aperture if required. Adhere the panel squarely to the box base.

Repeat for second box. Then stick the panels back to back.

Also included in this photo is a shopping list pad. Take a simple lined pad (available in packs from the £1 stores). Die cut a DL panel from the card stock and stick to the front cover of the pad. I added a strong magnet to the back too.

The cracker is made from two of the small boxes joined together and held securely with the middle wrap band.

Joy Carrier

The holder in this set holds three loop handle boxes.

To create the box. Use the same technique as above. Cut the card stock to

10 1/2″ x 4 3/4″. Score each border edge at 1 1/4″.

The handle requires 2 pieces of 1 1/2″ x length of A4 card. Stick together and make the handle fit the length of the box and the height you require.

Magic is in the Air Carrier

The holder in this set holds four milk carton boxes.

To create the box use the same technique as above. Cut the card stock to

7″ x 4″. Score each border edge to 1 1/4″. Repeat for second base box.

Cut middle panel to 7″ x 4 1/4″. Adhere both panels along the shorter edge of the base boxes.

Merry and Bright.

If you want to create an aperture – remember to die cut the shape from the third panel before creating the mini box. A small piece of acetate will make the holder sturdier.

Snowflake kisses.

To make a gingerbread house take one of each style of box. Use the milk carton box to create the roof of the house by cutting off one side panel. Keep the tab in place though. Create a triangular prism. Then mark off the excess part of the end flaps to create three triangles which can then be stuck together. Take the second box design and carefully cut away all the handle tabs to create rectangles. This can then be stuck down as per the opposite end of the box. Stick the triangular prism to the rectangular prism, ready to decorate.

The tower box is made by sticking the handle flaps inside the base of the top box and securing from the inside.

Trick or Treat

This easel box is great for November treats. Make a base box as above using 1 6″x6″ square with a 1″ border.

To create the sleeve for the box. Cut an A4 piece of card to 4″ x the length. Score at 1″, 5″,6″,10″,11″. Crease, fold and adhere the last fold line to create a sleeve. The box will slide inside the sleeve.

Simply create a 4’x4: easel card and stick the base of the card to the top of the box sleeve.

Winter Wishes

This easel/ pocket card holds four 4″x4″ cards which are the perfect size for the square toppers.

Please note these measurements are in metric because the markings were easier to locate.

Take a piece of A4 card stock and cut to 15cm x length.

Score the border at 2cm.

Score at 11cm and 13cm. Mark at 24cm but don’t score. With the 24cm mark at the top of the card. Cut away the left and right side panels from the top to the 24cm mark. Cut in at the 13cm and 11cm fold lines and fold the tab inwards.

Turn the template over and add glue to the two sets of side taps. Bring together to form the pocket.

Cut an easel card to 15cm x 14cm and adhere the panel of the pocket to the front of the easel card. If required use a circle punch to cut away a finger hole on the front of the pocket. Decorate as desired.

Robin Redbreast.

Save your takeaway boxes because they make perfect boxes for your projects.

To make the Bay wIndow card. Cut two pieces of card stock to 8 1/4″ x 4 1/4″

Score the top piece at 1/2″, 2″, 6 1/4″ and 7 3/4″. Fold as a valley, mountain, mountain,valley. Add a raised panel to the inside of the card then secure the front of the card by the first 1’2″ strip and hold in place with the last 1/2″ strip.

As you can see there are many different things that can be created with the contents of this Warm Wishes Selection box. The projects above will make great festive gifts which will be very cost effective too.

Enjoy the shows and please let me know in the comments below how you get on the project ideas I have created and shared. Please remember to acknowledge my ideas if sharing your own makes on social media. Thank you.

Happy crafting

Love Elisabeth xx

WARM WISHES SELECTION BOX – https://tidd.ly/3xXxpAp

To view the contents of the show –


Also available –

DECK THE HALLS – https://tidd.ly/3kdySy9

WINTER ROSE – https://tidd.ly/3B1aQMM



Strawberry Moon Nature Box 01

Hello again.

Sue Taylor the inspiration behind Craftwork Cards has recently launched a crafting style box full of papers, glitter card, frippery and two sets of stamps. She named it Strawberry Moon – Nature Box (Autumn)

Here are a few of the cards I created with this stylish autumnal collection.

I made the little paper pumpkin by punching out four circles, folding them in half and sticking them back to back.

The background papers match perfectly together and the toadstool stamp makes a great topper.

The pumpkin paper reminded me of Cinderella so I added a golden glitter card shoe (die cut with an old Tonic die) The glitter card cuts perfectly and doesn’t shed either.

I wanted the majestic stag to stand proud in this card so I matched all the embellishments to him. It is a stunning but simple card.

Strawberry Moon is a newly launched venture for Sue. You can find her on Facebook by looking for Strawberry Moon by Sue Taylor.

Much love x Elisabeth x

Over the Hedge II

Hello again

My blog post today is nothing to do with the film but everything to do with Craft Consortiums stunning new paper collection – as designed by Melissa Lowry


I wanted to make some cards that used bright colours ,making them appealing to children. The character stamps of Olivia the Owl, Harry the hedgehog and Henry the fox were perfect for this task. I used the blackest ink I could find – Versafine Clare and set about stamping parts of the creatures onto 2cm squares.

I wanted to give the illusion that Olivia was flying through the card in slow motion.—-

Henry is hiding behind a tree trunk playing peek-a-boo…….

And poor little Harry has been startled and is rolling into a ball.

As you can see all 3 stamps are beautifully illustrated and the ink shows up the design to perfection. Each card is finished off with a small piece of the 12×12 paper from the stunning pad.

These are the items I used

You can follow Craft Consortium on Facebook and Instagram. Check out their FB Group too for great inspiration


Much love x Elisabeth x

“Over the Hedge” launch.

Hello again

I have been lucky enough to make a few samples for the launch of “Over the Hedge” designed by the talented Melissa Lowry in collaboration with Craft Consortium Ltd.


The colour palette of these papers is gloriously autumnal and you will just fall in love with the characters OLIVIA the Owl, HARRY the Hedgehog and HENRY the Fox.

Today I will focus on the stamps and how I coloured them in. I’m not an experienced colourist but these stamps have such a clear, open image that it is hard not to want to colour them.

First up is OLIVIA the Owl. I based my colours upon those used in the papers. Melissa uses vibrant warm colours. I picked 3 shades of brown and taupe for the feathers; grey for her chest; and greens for the leaves. It was just a matter of losing myself in the process.

I stamped the leaves in a circle and then layered up extra ones between the gaps. In hindsight I wish I had coloured in Olivia’s beak but overall I still love this sweet little card.


Henry is such a handsome little devil. Once again I used shades of browns. I tend to colour light to dark but you will find far more experienced colourists than me on the dedicated Craft Consortium Design Team.


Harry is such a fun little character. I placed him as if tumbling in the autumn leaves. The flora in these stamps are just so well drawn. They are a joy to work with.


These cards will be aired on Create and Craft when they launch “Over the Hedge” but you can buy the collection directly from Craft Consortium and their stockists.


If you want further inspiration then check out the Craft Consortium Facebook Group or Instagram



Much love x Elisabeth x

Looking through the Greenhouse

Hello again

I have to say that Hochanda television are bringing some great craft brands to the fore. One of them is Kaisercraft. I have tried out their papers before but what really caught my interest with their Greenhouse collection were the sentiments. They are so uplifting.

Here are a few of my favourites:

“Start each day with a grateful heart”

“Moment by moment, we create life’s little adventures”

“Live life in full bloom”

Aren’t they uplifting?

I spent a glorious day crafting with these papers which did my soul good.

This finished set of cards were gifted to my daughter. She then sent them to all her university friends.

Until next time

Much love x Elisabeth x

Vintage Ephemera re-visited …

Hello again

In an effort to stop spending quite so much on my crafting stash, I am working through the papers I already have. It is really noticeable to me that my style has changed since the first time I used these feminine papers. Therefore these cards I made using the Vintage Ephemera papers from Craftwork Cards are completely different to the ones I made over five years ago.

I used a Beauty cutting die with one of the background papers and then cut it again with pale pink card-stock. Two layers adds more interest and depth.

These perfume bottle toppers were included in the collection and can be used on their own. I simply added a stamped sentiment.

Even the offcuts work well together.

Or you can cut down one corner of the papers to create a focal point.

The papers are so pretty. They make the perfect Mother’s Day Cards. I know my Mama would have loved to have received a card like this one.

I cut the background papers down to three panels and used pink card to lift up the design.

Wishing you all an enjoyable Mothering Sunday (in the UK)

Until next time.

Much love x Elisabeth x

Queen Bee Frame

Hello again.

One of the samples I created for Craftwork Cards FB LIVE was this Queen Bee frame.

I had already prepared an Elizabeth Crafts picture frame. I aged it with various brown inks, stencils and brown wax.

Then I began gathering together the embellishments including this #savethebeesstamp

Within the Craftwork Cards Queen Bee kit there are some luxurious pre-cut flowers. I embossed these ones with a hexagonal design.

I inked various mdf shapes with orange and yellow inks. Then I stamped a beehive across them.

I own quite a few Bee inspired products including this bee cutting die from Tattered Lace.

I backed the frame with one sheet of honeycomb paper, added a topper to the centre and dotted a few sequins

Until next time.

Much love x Elisabeth x

Hobby House Embroidery Wreath

Hello again.

Here is the embroidery wreath – up close and personal.

I started off by pulling a square of Toile tightly over the frame of an embroidery frame.

I turned the frame over and scattered some sequins onto the Toile. Then I encased them with a circle of card.

I turned the frame over and started attaching the Hobby House embellishments which included a hat pin with pearls and lace.

I wound twine around a small bobbin and added pearlised copper wax to a leaf or two. Everything was stuck to the frame with my trusty glue gun. The fabric roses included in the selection box are of such good quality that you can ink them and reshape the petals.

I completed the hoop by stamping a small sentiment onto kraft card. Then applying a smattering of pink floral pearls

Until next time

Much love x Elisabeth x

The Hobby House Selection Box

Hello again

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to have a play with the selection box from The Hobby House. It launches on Create and Craft on Thursday 25th October.

Starting off with the pretty floral and co-ordinating coloured card-stock, I built up a couple of cards. The toppers have an Edwardian style to them. As always with The Hobby House – the ribbons match perfectly.

There are various shades of pink card-stock which are excellent to die-cut.

Toppers don’t always have to sit squarely. By turning this one diagonally I was able to decorate the background with tiny pearl drops ( which are also included in the kit). To finish this card I heat embossed the sentiment onto a slither of vellum.

This kit also includes some mini kraft card mannequins. I used a scrap of sewing paper (found in my stash) to add a bit of interest to the body. I couldn’t resist using a piece of sewing tape and a button or two. The pink card in the background was embossed using a folder that I bought eons ago.

The hat pin was the starting point for this card. I was given a delightful set of pearls and silver connectors to work with but who can resist pink ribbon 🎀 After inking the edges of the mannequin I decided to emboss it so that it tied in with the background. The button in the right hand corner is my favourite within the whole kit.

To add depth to this mannequin I drew around the body area ( onto a sheet of cream fabric like paper in the kit) five times. I creased them length ways down the middle and inked around the edges. Each half was then glued together before attaching the back to the Kraft card base. You might not be able to tell but this is a z-fold card and the various patterned card stock designs work well together. For interest, I die cut two lace edges and added half a reel complete with thread. Buttons and bows always finish a card off nicely.

It almost seems a shame to place this miniature embroidery frame right at the bottom of the page but I wanted you to see that these embellishments can be used for other projects. This little beauty deserves a little blog of its own

Until next time. Happy crafting.

Much love x Elisabeth x

You can catch Debbie Simpson of The Hobby House on Create and Craft at 11am and 6pm. The Design Team have made some stunning things to show you xx