Stamp It on a Sunday afternoon

Hello All

This is a good way to relax on a Sunday afternoon…

Take a set of Stamp it stamps from Craftwork Stamps, some distressing inks, a blending tool and add your own creativity.

Stamp it - wild flowers

I started off with these one by blending a mix of yellow and orange distress inks over the edge of the card.  Then I stamped over the top with the flower head stamps and the sweetest little seed head stamp.  If you try to imagine that the seed head is flying away from the flower then you can see what direction to place the stamp,

Stamp it - small canvas

This is a small card canvas that I created with the Mulberry tree stamps.  The circular stamps are very effective especially if you use different shades of green.  I added the ribbon to try and make it look a bit like a fence at the front of a very pretty garden.

Stamp it - life is beautiful

I was so pleased with how this card turned out.  I used a circular sentiment topper to mask off the centre of the card before blending out various shades of blue distressing inks.  I only used the top of the tree as I was trying to make it look like a sky scene not a tree scene.  Again I imagined how leaves fly away in the wind and placed them accordingly.  The swift is flying south for the winter…..

There ends my crafty Sunday afternoon session.  Time to clear up and crack on with getting ready for another busy week at school.


Much love

x Elisabeth x