Somewhere over the Rainbow … 

Hello All. 

I am meant to be packing boxes in preparation for a house move but could not resist having a little play with the new Craftwork Cards kit. 

This Julie Loves kit arrived yesterday and it is the first in a new subscription service from my favourite crafting company.  This particular one’s theme is ‘Rainbows’. The contents of the box are put together to inspire you to be creative and so that’s what I have done ! 

This is one paper from the stunning pad onto which I have used another Julie Loves product – the Happy Stamp. 

Same paper on a 5 x 7 card with a simple white overlay and a Rennie Macintosh style flower. I’m glad I rediscovered my orange pearl drops to complete the look. 

Much to my delight , a new set of Reveal It cards are included in the box of goodies  There are backgrounds and toppers. So I used one of the toppers inked over it in yellows and oranges and then die cut the part I wanted within a circle.  I lifted it up with a slightly larger orange circle which again I die cut.  The glorious background paper was stamped on with the Meadow Stamp flowers and grasses in black ink and it was finished with a ‘Happy Everything ‘ topper. 

This time I used the Reveal It background mat. I inked it in swathes of yellow, blue and green ink.  I then used one sheet of the butterfly design and honed in on the shade I wanted, saving the other strips for later. The Rainbow butterfly was then treated to some gold and orange pearl drops to make it sparkle and shine.  

Now onto the shades of blue, green and purple.  I really like the flower paper but Ive eeked it out by using one small strip on this card. I then used the matching die cuts and layered them onto the corresponding flower on the background paper.  The photo doesn’t show it clearly enough but Sparkle Spectrum Noir pens add a sheen to the flowers which works beautifully. 

It always happens when I use the Reveal It’s. I have to keep inking them up. So with this mat of yellows and greens I used the actual ink pad directly onto the mat to make the colour stronger.  Then I buffed it up with kitchen roll.  The foreground was cut from the papers and finished off with a sheer ribbon and pearl drops.  

I could actually keep going all day with this wonderful kit but now I must return to the box packing.  Thankfully though Julie Hickey is launching this great kit on Create and Craft tomorrow morning at 10am which is bound to inspire me even more. 

Much love 

X Elisabeth x 

Now for something a little bit different…

Hello All



I can’t quite believe that we are in April. How quickly the time flies.  I’ve surprised myself with the number of cards that I have created this year already.  If you follow my Facebook page or Instagram (Elisabeth Hogarth Designs) you will have seen many of these cards but I wanted to take a moment or two on my blog to show you some of the cards that I have been commissioned to make this year by my lovely followers and customers.  It’s so good when you your work is appreciated..

These cards from Valentines Day and Mothering Sunday have already featured in my blog

I decided to use the Fabulous Fashionista papers for these two different styles of cards.  The shoe toppers were blinged up with blue spectrum noir sparkle pens.  The 50th birthday card was created for a very special lady and so I turned a simple 5″ x 5″ card into something a little bit more eye catching by matching it to a box which was decorated with the stunning ladies.

I am a big fan of Craftwork Cards (in case you didnt know this already) and love to catch up with fellow fans on Facebook Craftwork Cards Fan page.  Everyone is so friendly and always supportive of each others ideas.  The wonderful Design Team share their ideas too and this is how I found out how to make these z fold cards.  Both were for birthdays earlier on in the year and each have a very different look but they both started off in the same way.

Now this was a great commission to work on.  I was asked to make a pop up card for a musically minded lady.  The group of 10 who ordered the card also requested a gift box for vouchers.  Here is what I came up with.

Its amazing what you can make with paper and a few dies!

Another craft brand that I admire greatly is Visual Image.  I don’t have enough of their stamps yet but I’m working on that.  This one is particularly beautiful and features a ballerina.  I used black ink and jet black embossing powder to really lift the image.  I couldn’t resist adding a few shiny black candi to finish it off.

The year so far - Visual Images Ballerina

Another style of card that I learnt to make this year were the infinity cards.  They look complicated but once you know how they are fab to make.  This effort was created with the beautiful spring time papers CWC Hedgerow and Meadow collections.

the year so far - infinity card

So there you go, this is what I’ve been up to in the first four months of this year.  It would be great to hear from you on here or on my Facebook or Instagram pages.

Much love

x Elisabeth x

Easter – the time for new beginnings.

Hello All,

Firstly may I wish you all a very happy Easter whether you are spending it with friends and family or on your own (scoffing chocolate).

Happy Easter 2017

I have been trying to update my blog (with a little begrudging support from Daughter 2) and it struck me just how far I have come on this crafting journey.  The techie side still leaves a little to be desired but the card making skills are really improving.  I thought you would like to see some of my recent Springtime makes:


When I started my Facebook page I named it Made with Love by Lillibet because all my crafting friends knew me as Lillibet and everything I created I made with love.  I still do but now it is easier for my new friends from all over the world to find me by my grown up name – Elisabeth (note it is spelt with an s and not a z).  I design as I create each handmade card so Elisabeth Hogarth Designs was re-born.

This academic year will be an exciting one for me as my youngest child will be heading off to University.  For the first time in 21 years I will be doing my own thing which is exciting but it also means I need to make plans.  Easter is a time for reflection and it is a time of hope and for giving thanks – whether you are religious or not.  Great things lay ahead I am sure.

Much love x Elisabeth x

i am a crafty girl

A girl can never have too many tags ….

Hello again 

I’m rather partial to working with tags especially kraftcard ones. I spotted a great scrapbook tag kit from my favourite crafting company but was unable to justify buying the kit at this moment in time. 

Instead I created my own mini version by using tags from my own stash and the concertina trick of joining them together.  For this little project you will need at least 4 tags, some stamps of your choice, some scrap paper, sentiments, ribbons and glue. You may also find a hole maker/punch and a scoring board useful too. 

I used the wonderful Craftwork Cards stamps – these  ones are from the Meadow and Hedgerow sets. I used Memento black ink but that is entirely up to you. 

I used the stamps to decorate the front of each tag. 

The front cover is stamped in the same way 

But bear in mind that the back cover should be reversed . 

Next you need to create the concertina flap that enables you to turn the tags into a mini book. 

Cut a piece of paper the height of the tag – in this case it was 8cm high. If you have a score board score at 1.5cm increments. You need one fold per page plus one for the front and one for the back. 

So for a 5 tag book you need 5 folds. 

Take your front tag and stick it to the flat side of the first fold. Use the decorated side for inside the book. Bring the second fold over the first tag and lay flat. Then stick the second tag onto the flat side again.  Keep going with all the tags. 

When you have stuck all the tags to the concertina folds. Use a second piece of paper to create a cover for the spine. It should cover the edge of the white paper. Give yourself a little wiggle room by creasing as you go and then stick to the back of your book in exactly the same way. 

You can leave it as above or you can add ribbon through the spine by punching holes through each tag. 

Tie a ribbon through the spine and decorate each tag with alternate ribbons of your choice. 

If like me you find yourself enjoying the whole process you could end up with three unique tag books by the end of the afternoon! 

Much love 

x Elisabeth x 

Hedgerow and Meadow – the perfect papers for Spring. 

Hello again. 

Following on from a wonderful day at the CWC Down South workshop, I decided to finish off the cards which then inspired me to create some more. 

The papers used are from the beautiful Hedgerow and Meadow paper pads.  You can buy them individually however they mix and match beautifully so don’t feel bad if you want both ! 

This first card is made with scraps from the Hedgerow papers and a few co-ordinating flowers.  I cannot take the credit for the design of  these cards as I was shown them by Gillian Cox ( member of the CWC DT team).  Her original card had sparkles but I used aubergine ink instead to tie in the edges. 

Another one from the Hedgerow papers but all is not as it seems. Undo the ribbon and open the card up and you will see…..

A cleverly folded card with a badger as its centrepiece. I will definitely have to make some more of these. 

The Meadow papers lend themselves beautifully to Easter.  Personally I don’t send many Easter cards and I like this one so much I will probably keep it.   The trickiest part is cutting out the front.  If I was at home I would use a Square die.  Simply knot the ribbons rather than making a bow. It’s just as effective. 

This week was my sister’s birthday so I had the perfect excuse to use the Meadow papers again to create an infinity card ( as shown to me by Jennifer Kray). 

I’ll show you more workshop creations soon 

Much love 

x Elisabeth x 

Meeting of creative minds.

Hello again,

Once or twice a year, I have the pleasure of attending the fabulous card workshops that are run by Craftwork Cards.  The owner (Sue Taylor) and one of the Design Team (this time it was Gillian Cox) make the 5 hour journey down from Leeds and set up their wares and tables in a Horley school.

The moment you walk into the hall you are met by excited voices and smiling faces.  It is like entering your own crafting universe.  This time we were really lucky that Julie Hickey (our very own CWC superstar)  was leading the workshop ably assisted by Sue, Gillian and  Jennifer Kray (another CWC DT creative).  Old crafting friends were greeted with hugs and how are you’s; new crafting friends were welcomed and brought into the fold.

The time flies by so quickly and every minute is enjoyable.  The three Designers split the ladies into groups and then they show you how to make one project at a time.  It is fast paced but full instructions are given and you can always ask questions.  I save everything that I’m given to use later.  I’m usually too busy chatting and just lapping up the atmosphere of being with over fifty women who like the same things as me.  As we craft we find out about each others families and work life.  We also share crafting tips and the best places to buy our crafty stash.  Everyone is warm and welcoming and everyone ends up making at least one new friend!


The workshops are very well organised as you are given ready prepared packs with all the main components cut for you.  Julie, Gillian and Jennifer explain what to do and then show us their examples.  Their levels of patience are endless and they are always more than willing to share their experience and answer any questions, no matter how daft.  As is always the case with Craftwork Cards the quality is top notch which means that it is even easier to come away with a set of beautiful and personal cards.  Julie introduced us to new ways to cut and fold; Gillian whizzed us through a stunning set of cards plus a decorated bag to store them in and Jennifer very calmly talked us through the making of an infinity card.  Like us, each Designer has their own style and they are more than willing to share their inspiration with us.

A variety of drinks are available and a buffet lunch is usually provided.  It really is a good value for money day out.  One of the highlights for me is being able to see the DT makes which are always laid out for us to pick up and admire.  I take plenty of photos of these creations as its always handy for ideas at a later date.  We also have our very own shopping experience as papers and embellishments from the latest collections are available to buy.  It’s like being a kid in a sweet shop!

All in all the Craftwork Cards – Down South workshops are worth every penny as not only do you meet the inspirational people behind Craftwork Cards, you are able to spend time with friendly like-minded people and create in a warm, uplifting atmosphere.  Nobody goes away empty handed as you keep everything you make plus the Designers are always happy to sign cards and take photos with you.  Then you have the cards to finish off in your own time and possible add some of your newly acquired crafting stash!

Craftwork Cards have announced new workshop dates this week so book while you can as it is really worth attending.  However SAVE ME A PLACE !

Much love

x Elisabeth x