Richard Of York Gained Battles In Vain. 

Hello All 

It’s been a while since I’ve been with you but now the new house feels like a home, the garden is blooming and I’m all set up in my little craftroom. In the time I’ve moved into my new home the talented Julie Hickey of Craftwork Cards has launched two more Julie Loves Kits.   Both are brilliant and most appealing to me are the new Stamp kits that work with them. 

I started off playing with the dainty leaves and flowers in shades of blue first.  There is a really cute bubble effect Stamp here too.  I then added a white overlay over the top which I stamped and embossed with love. 

Liking the end result I thought I would try another colour – orange.   This time I played with stars and hearts too in shades of orange and yellow. This is fun ! I thought. 

So I carried on – this time with rich reds and browns   The leaves were bigger this time and I found a dinky little swirl. Each time I added a strip of polka dot washi tape and inked around the edges. Just to pull it altogether. 

Next inks to come out of my box were the purple shades.   The flowers and stars were fun but best of all were the single dots. It may be tiny but it’s very useful. 

I couldn’t leave my desk without trying the green inks. At this point I was becoming slightly addicted to these tiny little stamps because they are so effective.   I found a leaf Stamp that looked like trailing ivy which I wanted to try out and it was perfect with the green ink. 

The next day I came back to the cards and realised I was well onto the way to creating a rainbow so I added – yellow with beautiful scrolling hearts 

Before moving onto pink with its dainty pin prick flowers and trailing sprigs. 

Then to finish off I couldn’t resist a black set ( yes I know it’s not in the rainbow). 

Finally a mixed up palette of red, green, blue and orange with my new favourite stamps – the swirl and the dot.  

At first glance you may think that these cards are all the same but now that you have scrolled through them you will realise that every one  is unique. 

Much love x Elisabeth x